* Port Side Restaurant / Cafe in Port Orford, Oregon **  

* Co-op Store in Port Orford, Oregon 

* Frame Shop in Port Orford, Oregon

* First Community Church, Port Orford, Oregon **

​* NBMC Bandon, Oregon

* Ace Hardware Store in Bandon, Oregon **

* Ray's Food Market, Port Orford, Oregon 

* Dollar General, Port Orford, Oregon 

* Umqua Bank in Port Orford, Oregon 

* Dutchgames.us / Reinier & Jacquelyn Heyden **

* Pollly Howard 

* Pam & Phil Harrison * 

​* Gary Schroeder 

* Virginia Hughes **

* Amy Parks 

​* Dale & Paula Dearing **

​* Kelly Bechtel **

* North Bend Medical Center / Bandon, OR

* http://www.payingforseniorcare.com/oregon  

* South Coast Bicycles, Bandon, Oregon

* Annemarie Jagneaux, ** 

* Amber Furden **

​* Karen Bowers **

*Tanya Depoalo *

*Carol Shoemaker**


  1. ​ Gift cards for grocery store or for department store. 
  2.  Gift cards for gasoline and automotive needs. 
  3.  ​Gift cards for Local restaurant or fast food place. 
  4. ​ Prepaid Charge Card. 
  5. ​ ​Personal care items. 
  6.  ​Bedding, towels and clothing, shoes etc. 
  7. ​ Gift card for hair salon / barber. 
  8.  Donate large trailer or 5th wheel - to install in RV park to use as home. 
  9.  Donate land or lot to park trailer with hook-ups. (Temporary shelter) 
  10.  Donate a motel room for a few days. / or just a room or apartment.  
  11.  Donate a warm home-cooked meal with a family. 
  12.   Donate a car or van in running condition. 
  13.  Donate on our website Donate button, below  - with any Major Credit Card or PayPal. 

                                                    *Thank you for caring enough to help them ....

* Please donate to your local homeless shelters and soup kitchens. 

* Please support your local organizations for the homeless elderly. 

* Become involved and volunteer your time and resources. 

* Please help us to raise awareness for the Elderly Homeless and their needs. 

​* Also, please support your local food banks and charity organizations to help the homeless. 

           Thank you all who have donated and sponsored to this great cause!

Thank you for caring for the poor!

We are making many of these small wooden collection boxes, and 

placing them at many restaurants, motels, stores, coffee shops and just wherever there is a lot of foot traffic. 

We could use volunteers who can do this kind of wood work at home! ​ - Please contact us if you are willing to help? 

Below is a list of our supporters, those who have donated their time, money, goods or other resources to this Elderly Homeless Organization. 

The proceeds will go towards Homeless4Elderly.org 


"A Special Thank You, to All those who donated"

Suggested Donations for Elderly Homeless.

"Help 4 Homelessness Today"

~ It is not a crime to be poor and homeless ..... 

Help for the Elderly Homeless - People helping People

These small 6 inch aluminum bikes are available on Etsy at Wire Bikes

*These sales help support our Elderly Homeless cause also.

Homeless 4 Elderly 

850 Lakeshore Drive 

Port Orford, OR. 97465  USA 



Nick & Ellen Diemel

Homeless 4 Elderly 

850 Lakeshore Drive 

Port Orford, OR. 97465  USA