​Marge Giaimo makes her way to a picnic table under the shadow of an oak tree. Santa Barbara's trees, like its oceans and mountains, are one thing she says she never tires of here. After losing her senior housing three years ago, this table is where she does her painting these days.

"I feel very fortunate to have my car," Giaimo says. "It's a little cramped, but it's softer than cement."

Of all her once-valued possessions, today her 20-year-old, gold Oldsmobile is her most important one. It is her home, and she keeps it as neat as a pin.

"And then this is where I sleep," she says. "I have the three pillows and I have sponges under there or foam to sleep on."

In the wealthy coastal city of Santa Barbara, north of Los Angeles, the demand for senior housing is so great the wait list is now closed. After all, California's senior population is expected to grow by 50 percent in the next decade.

For the seniors left out in the cold, their only option is living in their cars.

While most people are having dinner, MacFarlane rolls into her assigned church parking lot.

"It's really hard sitting in the car watching people, watching people I know go by," she says, crying.

The 75-year-old painter is on a wait list for senior housing in Santa Barbara. She's been told it could take another seven years. ​


​"Here is just one of the thousands of elderly homeless folks."

We need: 

Food / groceries 

Warm clothing. 

Gasoline to keep warm. 



​Pocket money

Human touch 

Help to a better place. 

​Donate what you can.


Help for the Elderly Homeless - People helping People

"Help 4 Homelessness Today"

"They are in our town ... maybe even on our street, Help today."


Elderly, Homeless & Alone ...

​Will you help me?.....

"We can't help them all but we all can each help One!"

"whoever shuts their ears to the poor 

 will also cry and not be answered."                                                                  Porverbs. 21:13

*  Homeless Woman living in small trailer.

Poor, hungry, alone & on the street. 

​Will you help us? .... 

​It is not a crime to be poor ....

*There are many of these same sad stories all up and down the coast of Washington, Oregon and California that we see, and many more all over the USA that we do not see. 

And today many are elderly women living in their car and out in the cold weather, all are poor, homeless, many are sick, old and alone. 

Please join with us to make a positive impact for these elderly folks, who are now left with almost no options but to live in their vehicle & on the street through no fault of their own.