They need safe and warm shelter today. Help us to place them in a motel, an apartment, a room, etc. 

Only a gift of your time and also your resources will bring healing.  

Help us to reach out to the Elderly Homeless and find low cost housing. 

​Together we can do so much more! 

     Affordable housing not available.


Thank you for visiting our website, and if you are interested in joining us in this outreach towards getting the Elderly Homeless folks off the street and into safe and warm low cost housing, please leave us your name and contact information. 

Nick & Ellen Diemel

"Homeless 4 Elderly"  

850 Lakeshore Drive 

Port Orford, OR 97465 USA

Partner with us today? 

To get Elderly folks in a home, 

and give them renewed hope. 

​​We must get them off the street and out of their car today.

​Together we can do this.....

Help for the Elderly Homeless - People helping People

"Help 4 Homelessness Today"