Please help us in our effort to get these elderly folks off the street and into a warm shelter a room, a motel, an apartment Today?  We do it for animals, please let us do it for People also!  The need is great and the workers are few, join us in this humanitarian effort.   

Most of these elderly homeless folks are there through no fault of their own. 

              ~ Elderly folks are living in their car is happening all across the USA today. ~ 

"We can not just ignore it, we will do something to help them."  Will you help?

​We can not help them all, but we can surely help some.

Sales & funds from my Etsy shop will go towards donations on the ~

*Today with the run-away economy and the housing, it is most important to care for our Elderly!

               Help where you can and please let us be a Nation of compassion and Love.

 Again recognition of the older / elderly homeless issue is needed. Federal, State, and local authorities, as well as nonprofit service providers, have to be made aware of the specific needs and challenges faced by the thousands of older adults and elderly persons who are homeless today. 

During these past ten years, all across the U.S. there is a clear upward trend in the proportion of "older" persons among the large homeless population. We need to stop demonizing people for being poor, for being without housing, for camping in public places, but we have to honestly ask ourselves the question - we have developed some wonderful housing for poor people throughout our country, but not enough for the poorest of the poor - not nearly enough.

​The solution is not going to come from the federal government. We need a more local source of funding to solve this great problem. We need a solution that is economical, that is permanent, that is doable. We need to involve our business community as an integral part of our solution to our housing crisis. We need public private partnership to solve this problem. And we need to create a sense of urgency in our community about the magnitude of the rising elderly poor and homeless problem.

​We need to do in 2023 what we were either unable or unwilling to do in the past years. We need to establish a local Housing Trust Fund that will provide ongoing funds to eliminate affordable housing shortage for our poorest older citizens.

​​​​​We need housing for all of our citizens.  It’s fundamental.  We need to establish creating enough housing for everyone as one of our top priorities.  We need to adjust our priorities for how we spend existing resources. 

I don’t think we can solve a problem of this magnitude with one idea – we will need multiple ideas, and we will need significant resources. Please join us, we need workers, we need prayer and we need your contributions and love for the poorest and weakest of our elderly population.

Like any other major community commitment it will take a lot of money.  We need to be realistic about what it will take to solve a community problem that has been years in the making.  It is not possible to create housing for extremely low income households simply by mandate:  sources of subsidy for these households must be found to either lower the cost of development or increase the amount of operating income, through rent or otherwise, that the building receives.  Often both methods are necessary.          

We need to set a goal, raise awareness and build a fund that will address this great problem now. 

​We need a local housing trust fund. If we don't ask for what we really need in our community - we're never going to get it. If we continue to use public resources to build housing that is not for those with the greatest need - we will continue to have many older people who are homeless. 

These funds will be spend for food, blankets, warm clothing, gasoline and other minor car expenses, but mainly to get them into a warm and safe place to live out their last years with dignity. 

Gift Cards are also Welcome as a resource to homeless Elderly.


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"homelessness is not the problem but the problem is homelessness"!

"Help 4 Homelessness Today"

"​A nation's greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members"